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Affordable Dental Fillings in Lunenburg, Massachusetts

Dental fillings can help restore the function and appearance of a tooth that is damaged, decayed, fractured, or worn. A dental filling strengthens the tooth. If tooth decay is not repaired at its early stages, it will worsen, and additional or alternative dental treatments may be necessary.

Dental fillings are most commonly used to treat a cavity. Having a tooth filled can be completed in one appointment at the office.

There are different types of dental fillings:

  • Composite-Resin – This kind of material is our best recommendation as it is both highly durable as the material can bond to your tooth while matching the same shade of your tooth color.
  • Amalgam – These are very durable, and the most cost-effective solution for dental cavities, but they are not the most eye-pleasing because the material is silver.
  • Porcelain – Similar to composite-resin which aim at matching the tooth’s natural color, porcelain fillings are resistant to stains and bond to your tooth, allowing them to last for a considerable amount of time with proper care.

Your teeth and gums were designed to last a lifetime, and they can with proper care. A lifetime of good dental health requires daily care of teeth and gums along with regular dental check-ups, and treatment when your teeth get damaged.

Fillings and Restorations in Lunenburg, Massachusetts

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